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Landscaping plays a vital role in home security. Keep shrubs cut low enough so that a burglar cannot hide behind them and access a window.

Lighting your yard with motion activated, outdoor security lighting around your house or business is very important

An indoor light timer is a good idea whether you are home or not. More than one timer is even better. When one automatic timer turns off, have one in another part of the house programmed to go on for a few minutes. This gives the impression someone is home and moving about inside the home.


CPA’s and Physicians and Dentists: Ask us how you can protect sensitive client/patient information from getting into the wrong hands! (your insurance company may drop your coverage if you are not in compliance)!

Park the car in the garage and put the door down - even when you are home!
Many people leave signs as to wheather they are home or not by leaving the garage door up when they are home and down when they are not home. Even more people do not park their cars in the garage. There is no guessing in a burglar's mind as to whether you are home or not.

Have Access Control Systems install a security alarm system in your home or business!




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